... poetry ...



everything else is imagination

... poetry ...

musing after mowing

scattered around the back pasture
there is crab, St. Augustine, Kentucky blue,
ripples of weed, burr and field grasses,

dandelions, ivy, and honeysuckle,
oak and cherry wood, burrs and acorns,
branches hanging to the ground

heavy with Summer’s first muggy air,
wind and water, heat and humid,
big clouds and patches of blue,

“enough blue sky to fill an Eskimo’s pants”
means the sun will come out grandma
used to say, all of us huddled in the

back of their impressive Lincoln,
the land yacht we would call it,
and an ash tray and lighter available

in every seat, our only battle was who
got to lay up above the head boards
in the back window during nap time,

summers have come and gone, leaving their
marks, some years yield crunchy St. Augustine
grasses buckling under the weight of

our bare feet, and other years, weeds,
stabbing our tender soles, we tread
lightly through those parts of the yard,

still, tonight looms and the heaviness
has left the air, the cacophony of
croaks and whippers flies up as

the sun sinks down and I carelessly spin
the tip of my finger along the
floating ice cubes in whats left of my iced tea.

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hues are shifting daily now
pink is orange
blue is deeper
reds are blood
greens are gone until Spring

she is in my sights at daybreak
evening she is there
crowding empty spaces
morning she returns
dancing in steady rising fog

i could watch her for hours
sleeping, standing, being,
or doing nothing at all
i savor the flavor
of the one bathed in beauty

sun rises regardless
and her color never changes
always blonde, always.

... Applachia ..., ... love ..., ... poem ..., ... poems ..., ... poetry ..., ... relationships ...

she talks of love

life is ebbing
and with it comes

women have spoken
to me of love
for half a lifetime

i have mused it
and studied its
corners and edges

analyzed its
emotions and
measured what boundaries
i could find

but it was not
she spoke of love

that i felt
the blood burn

when love
and body
and lips

she talks of love
like its her
and it is,
love was
made for lovers,
it is hers
and she is mine.

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A Dream Moment Over Coffee As You Were Reading Across The Room

it is a great life we live-
the weathering of a man
the patina of woman
it is a great life we love-

this is the shimmering,
the seasoning of days,
spices from stardust which
salted this fertile earth-

who knew a planet was
filled with savor?
who knew love would
spin from nothing to everything?
universes in a glance
of Irish green-

the Whirlwind has found
her place to nest in my head-
twirling is something
invoked with a kiss.

it is a great life we live
you and i,
spinning, tumbling, billowing then
crashing against the stone
into cool salty spray
thinning, becoming, blue, gone.