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her Love left a note

I need you to know something
first thing this morning.
I love you.
It is simple and it is everything.
Where to start?
How about the sweetest girl alive,
the last woman on Earth willing
to put her man’s wants above hers?
How about her face?
The face of what my spirit tells me
an angel looks like.
Your beauty is usually
reserved for heaven.
To adorn God’s most favorite of places.
You radiate love and beauty and
fascination. Like sweet, pure sunshine.

Your presence thrills my whole person.
How about your hands? They are the most
delicate and lovely and
fit perfectly in mine.

I am hopelessly in love with you.

You are navigating some of life’s most
treacherous waters right now,
but with such grace and poise.
And I love that about you.

But I also know for a soul as sweet as
yours there will come a point when you
need to fall down and fall apart –
it is upon imagining this moment
in your life that I realize the
true purpose of my arms.

They are here to
pick you up,
hold you
and love you
back into strength.


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