... Applachia ..., ... Autumn ..., ... beauty ..., ... experimental ..., ... girl ..., ... life ..., ... poem ..., ... poems ..., ... poetry ..., ... written under the influence ...

i, man

i like being a man

this world and everything
on it is mine
for the taking

dominion given me
by its Creator

i am fashioned by
Earth and God

mud and Breath.

woman was made
of man and God

bone and Breath.

i gave of my life
for hers in Holy Days.

but I am a taker by Nature
an ape by comparison
a fool in Spirit
and blind to space
of whose dust i am hewn

a patchwork quilt
of interplanetary incest.

a halfwit before her
a cretin, an addlepate, lost.
there is indeed a God
and i am salt crystals
at His table. mined from
oceans of Everything.


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