... beauty ..., ... experimental ..., ... God ..., ... heartsick ..., ... home ..., ... humor ..., ... life ..., ... poem ..., ... poems ..., ... poetry ...

on a plane from san marcos to salt lake city

manevolent Forces,
and updrafts –
inspired by these
high brow
cotton fellows – spent
a few moments
in silent

flashes of electric
Death bolted around
and beyond and underneath
my boot clad

a good six
thousand, six
hundred and
sixty-six fathoms
below, Earth
is swallowed
in white froth

mountains and
plains pressed down
by the sheer magnitude
of a once
pancaked planet

and i rest my
head in facile repose,

to the veritable
terror of

Godspeed and
all that – for

my home is down there
somewhere, beyond
the clouds.


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