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Sweet spring

sweet Spring solitude
leaves all men
to themselves

but no where
is there silence


dying Winter
wraps herself in
the cool bumptious buzz
of an April morn.


3 thoughts on “Sweet spring

  1. I like it! April’s buzz has a way of pulling us out of our solitude. Nicely done.

    I should mention–I was a regular reader of your work a while back, and enjoyed it very much. You took a little sabbatical, as I recall. At the same time I had some personal issues I was dealing with that kind of made me not want to read and write much, and several browser crashes that robbed me of my bookmarks. At any rate, I stopped reading for a while. I recently was able to recover some of my old favorite sites and re-discovered your site, and see you’re back to writing. Good for you. And good luck. I’ll be back for more.

  2. There are plenty of springtime poems on the web right now. This one is unusual in an interesting way: I haven’t seen such a clear reference to the absence of silence! Nor have I seen the suggestion you open with, about solitude. I would not agree with that, but it sure makes an arresting opening!

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