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a tale told

embark with me, young man
on some brave far off voyage.
your life
has set sail without you,
it fights the mighty seas
despite you.

but what is life? it is just
today, the moment.

no son, life is not
the moment,
it is the reaching out to your mother’s
face with tiny infant hands.
feeling the bumpy warmth of
a toad in your young palm.
holding the perfect form
of your dying infant daughter.
forgetting the touch of your
lover’s skin.

knowing it is your last breath.

it is beyond time. a world of first and
only chances. no two days spent watching a flower are the same.
as no two flowers in the one day
are the same. nothing repeats.
nothing is identical.

life is the
perfectly imperfect.


2 thoughts on “a tale told

  1. Wow. Perfectly stirring with every well formed phrase. Emotional and lively, all at the same time. The salt of the water, the grit of the dirt on the path of the journey… Amazing.

  2. Dad. says:

    That is profound, and true. What happened yesterday can not be changed. Ever. What will happen tomorrow is not known. Ever. All we got is now. Have a good day today!

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