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Lovers and First Lights

just on the Western side
of Morning, she stirred
in some hushed solitude.

the long, cold tentacles
of Night tickled my
face as they slid

back into the unreachable
depths of Yesterday.

she moved unaware until
the warmth of her frame
pressed softly against

mine. and i watched
as tender Autumn’s Dawn brushed
the tousled bangs of darkness

from her face. she slept
there for what felt like
a moment of lifetimes as i let the
furor of Daybreak sweep over us.

what is love beyond beholding
the face of your Lover in the
first-light twinkles of Today?


13 thoughts on “Lovers and First Lights

  1. Beautiful poem. I particularly like those opening words : “just on the Western side of Morning” and the “furor of Daybreak”.
    I’m a pedant so I notice things like the American spelling of ‘furor’ and yet the British ‘autumn’ rather than ‘fall’ – I guess that was for the rhythm of the line.
    The other thing my eye fell on was the lower case letters throughout except for key words – an interesting decision that and it works a treat.

    • Thanks for the kind words and keen observations. I especially liked the idea of being just on the western side of Morning. Just barely in the last shadows of night. Also the capitalization was done to help personify Time. After all, he (time) is the only thing we are actually connected to.

  2. love it! i love morning, the intimacy of morning… so beautiful.
    i too like “Western side of morning.” recently i wrote “breakfast sky.”
    great minds think alike!

  3. This is love poetry that is so rich it makes the day seem to become

    a moment of lifetimes as i let the
    furor of Daybreak sweep over us.

    May the world have a chance to experience love’s intimacy in just this way.

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