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snapshot :: part one

Ah, but what is Nature?
besides the au pair
ceded to Art.

and who am I?
to derive from Nature
anything akin to Art.

as if by some divine appointment
i would know the locution*
of leaf to wind, of snow to beast,
of heart to soul.

at best, in this sweltering Summer
heat, i am a stammerer. a
roguish halfwit given

the film to a faulty camera;
and ordered to blithely snap away.

*locution: style of speech


One thought on “snapshot :: part one

  1. Sonny says:

    at best… I am a stammerer

    There’s something sublimely humble about the whole of this one. I’m struck by this line because it becomes a contrast in and of itself. You’re clearly not a stammerer but when put against the Elegance of Earth you become so. It’s an apt turn to the phrase, “I’m at a loss for words.”

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