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Me playing around with an old hymn, and crickets!

An old hymn, “I Have Decided” played late one night. I put a mic out on the porch so you could hear the crickets.


27 thoughts on “Me playing around with an old hymn, and crickets!

  1. Sonny says:

    The end of the night. Camp meeting. All the nightsounds are mingling with the hushing and hiccuping and humming of the old altar. Eyes and heart swollen from having your soul publicly flayed open. Your skin is damp from sweat and tears… yours and all the arms that have wrapped around you.

    The piano sings to you a song of resolution. Sinking into your core and making you believe that from here on out you’ll not turn back. Maybe you believe it this time…

    The piano player finishes and closes his hymnal– looking spent and pleased with his efforts to accompany the song of a thousand secret sins. The preacher grabs his jacket and his tie, wipes his brow. The last of the repentant search for their bibles in the rows of aluminum folding chairs… and somebody says to the preacher, to the piano player, to the straggling few–

    Wanna go over to Steak and Shake?

    😉 I love your hymns…

  2. What a lovely music to have this Friday morning…thanks! And here’s the poem it engender me to write.

    poem while listening…

    sitting here
    i have decided
    that too much time
    has passed by
    since we last said
    our goodbyes
    for me to continue
    to morn that day
    so i shall leave
    these walls of tears
    behind and walk
    into the daylight
    and pray to find
    my new love

  3. I want to be wrapped up in a sweater on a comfy couch, listening to you play for as long as you will for a friend…
    love the crickets. just made the whole thing so real. can taste the night air.

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    • One last thought, on eternity. There aren’t many things in this world that are eternal. One such thing, is inspiration. Inspiration begets more inspiration. The deep Southern moon inspired the crickets. The song sung by the crickets that night inspired me to improv that little hymn. That recording inspired your excellent blog post. And one will read your heartfelt thoughts and find their own inspiration in your words. It is tangible eternity.

  5. My first visit here since I’ve been back online and was greeted with this wonderful treat! I’ve shared this on Twitter and Facebook… so far 🙂 So good to be back…I’ve missed so much good stuff 😦

  6. Charlyne Carruth says:

    Your uncle and I listened to this beautiful music together….when it finished we looked at each other and I saw such deep love in his 84-year old eyes it made me cry. Thank you Michael…you my dear are a treasure.

  7. Barbara Rodgers says:

    I had forgotten how beautiful a piano sounds – this was lovely to listen to – so soothing, like when my father used to play the piano after we were tucked into bed for the night.

    • I play nearly every evening after tucking my daughter in. Thanks for sharing this. I hope I’m creating memories like that for her. Some nights, when she can’t sleep, she’ll come ask me to play more.

  8. speechless…. divinity of the keys… so happy you are continuing with yr artful expression of self… piggyback ride on the spirit train to heaven… doens’t come in a bottle or a box… just play… all the more sweet reading the comments… especially dig the comments abt yr daughter…

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