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every goodbye

whether big or small
right or wrong
happy or sad

leaves a hole.

often times we try,
with varied success,
to fill the holes in us.

but i will leave this hole empty.

so that i always feel something.


12 thoughts on “goodbye

  1. Sonny says:

    “Whatever I pass through something of myself catches on it and clings so passionately that I feel as though I were leaving behind me a thousand little phantoms in my image, rocked on the waves, cradled in the leaves, scattered among the clouds.” –Sidonie Collette

    My favorite quote. Maybe because over the years of too many passing throughs I’ve stopped saying goodbye. When we love– a friend or a lover– a piece of ourselves stays with that person. Always. Leaving that hole in us that becomes so painful. Personally, I find it takes a great deal of courage to leave that hole as it is.

    Nope… I no longer say goodbye. Only I’ll see you again. And I do– in memories, in dreams, sometimes in reality. And I no longer pretend that the holes don’t exist. They do. We can’t retrieve the pieces that have been left scattered in the wind.

  2. Evelyn says:

    A door doesnt close without opening a window…
    or so they say.
    very different poem, almost nude, so void of your usual imagery.

    • yeah, that event just didn’t lend itself to much imagery. im sure as i ponder this over the next few days and have time to really process it, i will have a more clever way to say…goodbye.

      • Evelyn says:

        I dont think its NOT clever.
        Its bare bones. and I like that.
        The fact that you left it without imagery shows how deep and sincere a feeling this is to you.

  3. felt this and want to rush back to my blog to see when I wrote ‘silent goodbyes’ –I know it was May. Love how we were on the same wave length…spring somehow reminds me of goodbyes the most, because that’s when university classes ended…and a lot of my relationships ended in spring for some reason too.

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