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The OutPatient

I’ve seen you here before
My love, my dear.
Hands and arms pierced
For the salvation of none.

Little drops of honey water
Drip down plastic tubing
While your eyes carelessly
Study the haunted pastel wallpaper.

Skin becomes gray, lifeless
When bathed in fluorescent
Beams from over head.

The room at times is abuzz
With obviously mismatched
Smocks – some with Teddy bears,
Poorly equipped to offer you
Any comfort. The others, paisley
Mazes and dull browns.

You return, skin stained by
Iodine and talcum powder.
Rubber gloves overflow the
Nearest trash can. While meat

On their table breathed through
Gaunt open mouth, chest rising

You will be mine again soon.
Eyes droopy, lips chapped.

You always cry when you
Wake up from being under.

I shudder to think of what you
See down there.

My love. I’ll stroke the hairs
From your forehead until the
Chills subside.

Remove the visitor sticker
From my chest, and
Quietly take you


10 thoughts on “The OutPatient

  1. i love that… what’s harder being the patient or the caretaker… sorta gave me the chills but then you bring it home so lovingly…. bypasses all the scaries…

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