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like smoke, risen

one day
the whole world will burn.

every baby and bum, each
will flutter away in great
clouds of ash and soot.
this was promised, hidden between
the rainbow’s lines. fine print
easily missed – the vow to burn.
trees light the skies, standing
as their own pyres. waters
licked from beneath the rocks
with fiery tongues and
haughty laughter hidden
in droplets of wind
will fan the flames
of his great wrath.

none shall be saved from
an all consuming
fire. us them me and we
alike will bask in the
blaze, rid of this
bag of bones.

like smoke, risen.


6 thoughts on “like smoke, risen

  1. Second Hand Smoke.

    From ash
    The whole world will rise

    Every hope and dream we teach
    will come together – create
    life and love from soot.
    This – our promise hid within
    the scripted lines of print
    in every poem – the vow to live.
    Prayers light the hope – chanting.
    Their song inspires . Squatters
    taken from distant docks
    -all their fiery songs
    naughty, though they’re bidden
    to quietly rescind…
    They fan all flames
    of righteous wrath.

    All will be saved by
    an all consuming
    fire. Us, them – me – we!
    We all will bask in the
    blaze – the glory.
    – Life from stone…

    Like smoke – – – – risen.

    Be well,

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