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Black Muddy Waters

black muddy waters
came rolling by
they’ve swept my love
in their raging tides

Earth, to my wife
had sworn to be,
a home of peace
to her and me

but waters rose
from angry seas
and covered Earth
and lands and we

and in the swift
blink of an eye,
my love was sailed
to the Other Side.

* My good friend Heather has started a series of poem submissions about the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan. This is my submission.
Here is her site – http://hgstewart.wordpress.com/


7 thoughts on “Black Muddy Waters

  1. mike, such simple and powerful beauty.
    i have not figured out how to write about the tragedy.
    this seems to have flowed from you with such ease, i admire it and you.

    • hey thanks. i actually saw a picture of this man walking on top of literally a field of twisted metal and cars and debris. the caption read that he was looking for his wife.

      of earthquakes and tsunamis i know very little
      of tragedy, i know a good deal.
      i just wrote from there.

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