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when a moment intervenes

this simple little
dead and cold
busy, busy little bees
with no Queen. nothing
left to pursue.

blue, breathless eyes
scratch at panes as
these prickly twigs grasp
in the Winter wind.

the clouds cover over
and draw themselves up
into heavy blankets. and blankets
upon blankets. we seize these
days here as precious
and hold them like memories

we, stand aloof and indifferent
to one another. we face one
another as clouds, clumsily
heaping blankets on blankets
over an otherwise cold world.

such feigned warmth, as if the
cold were somehow wretched.

these moments, not covered over
are held in grand esteem
and like children nursing
Spring’s earliest tadpoles
we hold them in our hands
like holding water
only we are not wet
and this is not water
and these are not
real tadpoles
this, is time,


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