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with reckless licentiousness
i studied her throughout;
from wanton clichés

to the libidinous curve of
the lower back and
i found not a

single flaw that could
be reckoned as a failure
of the Divine intent.

she walks with a sway
that breezes reverie when
Spring is high on the mind.

she hums when she speaks
and honey dews and blackberries
are tasteless morsels next to

the sweetness that drips
from her succulent lips. she is the
meridian of Creation and perhaps

all the hosts of Heaven surely
marveled at what His hands
had wrought on mankind.

for there is no creation
better suited for man than
she, as if suspended from

on High by an invisible cord
her every movement like
choreographed art and timeless.

her steps, determined
and lucidly lighter than the
air we long to breathe while she

is near. a storm head builds
inside her well-protected heart –
warily in search of the driest soil.

Sparkling and iridescent
rays jut out from within her
eyes as clear as January,

and equally as cold, she
can win a heart or massacre
the Ego with but a passing

glance – held inside such raw
puissance; unbeknownst to most
of these delicate fawns.

she possess powers mystical
and hallowed. as ancient as
the countenance of Helen of Troy

and no less a cause of complete
abandon by those Men bereft
of better judgement, who stare

intently towards the sun, eyes
unshielded – are but easy prey for
these merry and tempting creatures.

** as Julio Iglesias said, “To all the girls I’ve loved before.”


12 thoughts on “girl

  1. Sonny says:

    ‘I found not a single flaw that could be reckoned as a failure of the Divine intent’

    Love, love that line. There’s a whole conversation… an entire self-philosophy in there.

    Your turn of phrase in this piece is exceptional… riveting even.

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