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understanding your Man.

i will send
you random
thoughts in
the form
of words
and symbols
and numbers

and in the
end you
will translate
some deeper
meaning into
these meaningless
smoke signals

simply because
you love me.


7 thoughts on “understanding your Man.

  1. Ha..you’ve got that one right! Seems that some folks just have to force meaning into everything done and said…guess the risk of losing a love raises the stakes a bit.

  2. Sonny says:

    Arrogance and duplicity. Silver bullets–wooden stakes–into the shimmering heart of even the most eternal of affections.

    Thankfully, not all men (or women) make a habit of sending emotional smoke signals. Besides– that which is meaningless, eventually shows itself to even the blindest eye as… meaningless.

  3. i think the point here may have been missed, thanks to my lack of skills in trying to express it. the culprit isn’t necessarily the man (me) in my trite words. rather, i was encouraged and bewildered and smiling simply because “love” will make us hear what we want to hear. the entire poem’s motive and logic rests in the last line….

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