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… a little more on paIn …

of all the pains in this world


that the greatest of these is



13 thoughts on “… a little more on paIn …

  1. *blink*

    Holy shit.
    (sorry but I do say these things)

    You are right.

    I mean – really – you really are and that is pain like you will never feel any other way.

    It lasts forever – like a burn scar or losing a limb – you never overcome it.

    You can learn to live with it – like any disability – but it will always be there…

    It never stops hurting.


  2. Sonny says:

    ML… it stops hurting. Eventually. When it’s replaced by something else. Or when desire finally ages… becomes exhausted. Perhaps time tumbles on top of that thing you thought you wanted so badly until you can no longer see it… or feel it.

    Besides. That’s the brilliant thing about the spiritual heart. It heals. Somehow. If you let it.

    • Always….(ALWAYS) a pleasure to hear from you Sonny. I hope things are going well up there. Seems like you have a very big day that’s pretty imminent. And your poor blog has been very neglected. 😉 Thanks for your thoughts and comments.

      • Sonny says:

        Hibernation… when ones thoughts are only for the most intimate of friends… when ones heart is much too vulnerable and soft for public consumption. 🙂 yes, very imminent… 15 days.

      • im extremely happy for you S. I can’t wait to read what comes out after this hibernation.

        And I must tell you that I’ve been thinking alot about Eli and Albina lately. I don’t know, maybe it’s some weird, twisted anniversary of sorts. It’s ashame that they had to die – on many levels.

  3. Sonny says:

    One more thought… there are much greater pains than loving something you can’t have. Like losing the love you do have.

  4. … yes – I didn’t pause long enough to think of that pain although I should remember it well.

    I’m glad I read this – I was only looking from one perspective, thank you for opening it up a little more for me.


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