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… paIn …

some days
it seems
that paIn
is the
only proof
that I
am alive.

which leads me to this:

some days
it’d feel
good to
feel dead.


8 thoughts on “… paIn …

  1. neftwink says:

    Nice! To the point. No fucking around. Ow – life hurts. A permanent time out sounds P R E T T Y good right now.
    When was the last time you sat outside and just watched the breeze move the trees? Somehow – that feels good.

  2. profound. was wondering, tho, is the capitalized “I” in the title meant to make this more personal? that was kinda how i read it, but then when you did the “responSe” my theory lost its shape…

    • this I is meant to make it more personal.

      the S is just a weak attempt at making the response somehow “go” with the original.

      thanks for posting……and for highlighting my poor aesthetic skills. 😉

  3. brave to post this since you are always going to get one person who is all like, “you ok man?”
    yes. just EXTREME bitching.
    is there really a point when the brain stops going and going?

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