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leaving Lubbock

i left Lubbock on a
gray Wednesday. bluegrass
rattled in my head as

the sleek plane rose up
through the drear. a fly
found his way past security

and buzzed the passengers,
like Maverick and Goose buzzed
the tower on the first day of

of class. the gray skies
soon gave way to burning
sunlight. light never snuffed.

light never failing – only
veiled, at times, by the
movements of air and sea below.

we flew on, tickets in
hand, sweet mandolins
bounced freely between

my ears as the fly
bounced freely from isle to isle
flying in a flight

unbeknownst to him.
when we land – each will
depart to his own love

and the fly will find none
but strangers and a few hours
left to scavenge in a land unknown.


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