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love Enigma

she blushes anytime he is around.
her speech stammers and her
palms sweat. her heart beats
like a flock of hummingbirds.
her stomach churns and her
voice cracks when she speaks.
her mind fills with clouds and
she is only able to spurt out
tiny, incoherent thoughts.
everything in her that is
wonderful and charming buries
itself in her soul and only her
outward awkwardness shines.
he controls her completely with
his presence, yet he doesn’t
even know her name.


3 thoughts on “love Enigma

  1. another great story of love… the heart beating like a flock of hummingbirds…you captured the essence of love well… especially so the mystery of not knowing her name… love can leave the feeling of powerlessness or overflowing with power… it can be scary it can be wonderful… hmmmmm, yum yum…sigh

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