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i’m (not I Am)

i am
that writhing blob
in my lava lamp. black
oozing clouds beneath
murky cream water.
i am
that stained glass light
bulb. flickering and mixing reds
and blues and yellows
into the ashy smoke
of heavy incense.
i am that wooden
man atop his throne
carved from the
trunk of a long since
gone pine.
i am
those records on the
wall. red and blacks.
i am those green and yellow
and red flickering LEDs
on the graphic EQ. dancing
to frequencies designed
especially for them. designed
from creation to make
them dance. i hope
that somewhere in
this murky water, there’s
a frequency designed
just for me.
designed just
to make

(where i sit to write. socks, optional.)


6 thoughts on “i’m (not I Am)

  1. I enjoy the idea that we are the space that we inhabit… has some far-reaching implications and I’d explore them further were I a bit farther into my coffee cup than I currently am this morning. Very nicely written 🙂

  2. What excellent metaphors you use in this poem…I just loved the way the poem flows to those final lines…searching for the music/frequency that is in tune with one’s self.

  3. I’ve been having a small case of writer’s block lately, but seeing how you write so excellently about the contents of a photograph, I think I’ll try the same thing — like a writing tool.

    I especially love the lava lamp lines.
    P.S. I think we wear the same brand of socks.

    • i hate writer’s block so i don’t participate in it. my only suggestion is to ignore it and write anyways. it doesn’t matter if what you writer feels inspired or if its even any good. it only matters that you keep on taking thoughts and putting them to paper in some form. i don’t think that the quality or quantity is what makes a person a writer, its the writing that does.

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