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like a grasshopper on Tour.

i am afraid to pass away
from this world before
feeling the mists of Victoria
Falls wash my face. I
am afraid to pass away
without walking the
Midnight streets of London,
with the cold winds at
my back. I am afraid to
pass away having never
eaten a street-side bowl
of noodles in the Flower Markets
of Jingxing Street.

I have slept under the stars
in the jungles of Belize.
I have wandered Hawaii’s
shores. I have seen the Taj
Mahal twice. I have hiked
the Himalayan trails of Ladakh.
I have seen the tulips in bloom
in Amsterdam. I have seen
the seasons change in God’s
country – Appalachia. I’ve seen
the sun rise over the Atlantic
and watched breathlessly as it
set over the Pacific. I have traveled
the deserts of Arizona and new
Mexico. These are but fragments
of my experience and my experience
is but a fragment of this world’s favor.

But all of this is not enough.
I am a grasshopper on safari.
The world is too big and
I am simply
too small.


3 thoughts on “like a grasshopper on Tour.

  1. Travel does make you want more…I always walk away from a major trip thinking how wonderful my life is….and how beautiful the world is….enjoyed reading you poem.

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