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summertime Tragedy

snapping green beans
on the screened
back porch. hazy

skies melting into
dusk. a fly alights
onto my grandmother’s

knee. moments later
the fly swatter disintegrates
the trespasser. my

grandmother laughs at
her own punchline. her bowl
of snapped beans

is nearly full. mine
is mostly empty. the
sun hides behind the pines.

her old hands move
quickly through the
bag of fresh picked beans.

i admire her grace and
her laughter. she brushes
a wing from her knee.

twilight is here and the
fly’s kin circle outside,
waiting to gather their fallen.


8 thoughts on “summertime Tragedy

  1. What a warm and pleasant scene you’ve created with your words…you reminded me of when I was a youth doing the same task with my grandmother and I like you could not keep up with her pace.

  2. *warm smile*
    I would say that I feel sorry for the fly but I’m afraid I side with your Grandmother – they were all born to swat. (somewhat the same way as the darn mosquito I can hear buzzing around here somewhere…)
    This reminded me snapping beans for pickling (mustard beans made with yellow wax beans – very good stuff )
    I agree with “charming scene” – it was.


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