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beauty: in pieces. The End.

i have traversed you
for fifteen years
i know every nook
and every cranny
every mole, freckle,
every strand of hair
every scent, every curve
every color and every tone
i could pick your hand
out of a thousand
strangers. i would know
your voice among
hundreds of singers.
i know you.
i know all of your beauty.
and what i have learned
after fifteen years of
studying you, is that
your most beautiful
features are those
parts of you that
are completely

in then end, when love is found
it is the soul of a woman
that draws a man into
the depths.


6 thoughts on “beauty: in pieces. The End.

  1. really like how you described your love affair in pieces of poems… time is a wonderful instrument when you are in no hurry to leave the very place that brings such warmth . the last stanza is a beautiful mystery of love’s lasting power…. luv how yr blog is morphing…

  2. Beautiful flowing lines that pain wonderful pictures. I like how you end it with a four-line stanza that summarizes the poem. I think you missed a typo in the first line of the second stanza. Lovely work.

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