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beauty: in pieces. Part Two.

John described it like this,
“One pair of candy lips,
and your bubble gum tongue.”
Magical soft flesh. i am drawn
in hopelessly by the glistening
light bouncing off of sweet
pink tissue. like a calf to the
slaughter, like a lamb to
the shearer – there is cosmic
electricity in your lips.
it is impossible for flesh,
such as this, to meet
without the jolt of fire of
the two becoming one –
or the four becoming a pair. it
happens, always, when
mouths touch for the
first time. and we spend
every waking hour afterward
simply trying – in vain –
to recreate that moment.
when our mouth, met yours.

ruby red lips startle me
they glisten with a wet glare
my hunger is whet as well
sun spots fall all around me
sun spots stain my eyelids
bright, red flecks of light
long since snuffed out.

should you smile, or pout
my way – then all peace
is gone. all i desire is to
die in a shower of sparks.
an explosion of taste and
sound, candy and bubble-gum
and death – by fire.

burn me again with your mouth.
but i know that we can only
feel that burn once – and that
was many years go.


2 thoughts on “beauty: in pieces. Part Two.

  1. The passion a first kiss is hard to match but it seems that the deeper the relationship grows the magic of the kiss is transformed to some thing new and wonderful…of course that comes from my romantic poet side. 😉

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