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knowing when to give up.

when life is split in two
when clouds break asunder
when one twin lives
and the other one dies
when the pepper shaker’s empty
when the bough breaks
when the last become first
when they call for the last dance
when they dance for last call
when the key breaks off in the door
when the ice creeps inside
when the LED finally burns out
when the forest burns up
when the puppies are all sold
when the dusk precedes the dawn
when all that’s right is made up
of all that’s wrong
when music has no flavor
when meat makes no sound
when you dream, in your dream.


6 thoughts on “knowing when to give up.

  1. *small smile*

    “…when you dream, in your dream.”

    The timing of this poem couldn’t be more perfect.

    There really are times to ‘give up’ (even for people who hate the thought of doing it)

    Thanks for feeding my thoughts with this one.


  2. The final lines of the poem caught me a bit of guard…had to think about the intended meaning..but it’s late here so I should go to bed rather than try to think. 😉

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