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in the absence of Reason

i awoke fifteen minutes late
this morning, and stared
at the empty indentation in

the pillow beside me. your
flowery scent lingered delicately
in the still, morning air. the

ceiling fan spun aimlessly above
me, but moved nothing.
i stared back at your pillow. one

long brown hair was all that
remained. it was the door closing
that woke me, as you carted

our daughter off to school. i
stayed there for some time, alone,
staring as your barren space slowly

corrected itself. the feathers inside
your pillow stretched their tired
bones and ever so gradually, the

soft depression your head made
was removed. and with a slight
ruffling of the sheets, it looked

as if no one had ever slept
there before. and i was alone.


5 thoughts on “in the absence of Reason

  1. I don’t know about you but I personally hate that moment that you describe…I have enough hours during the day to be along…bu I love starting my day with my love…just a random thought brought about by your fine poem.

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