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she stares through you
over sausage and pancakes
donning a rose patched cowboy hat
brown eyes in fury
green eyes in love
she changes as quickly as they do.

having spent enough time
underneath the star dotted skies
in her first seven years
– you soon realize that there
isn’t much you can hide from her.

do not be fooled by the small
frame and milk mustache
– there is nothing she can’t see.

this is my daughter, my muse, my breath.


9 thoughts on “cowGirl

  1. *grin*


    So very beautiful – and I bet she doesn’t miss a trick!

    You are going to have your hands full hun, really.

    I was given some advice from one of the older gentlemen I care for – he told me that the best thing his own father ever told him was that he should never do anything he would be ashamed to tell his little girl about the next day.

    He later reflected that he had found – as a man living the way he felt he must – that his Father’s advice was not always so easy to follow, and so he modified it slightly…

    So, as a man of advanced years and vast experience, his version of the advisement became more like…

    ‘Protect your daughter from the things you know you shouldn’t share with her and be there for her when she needs you. Help her, love her and guide her when she encounters those who are also unable to follow the same advice.’

    Men will be what they are – women (and daughters) can make them want to change (to become ‘better’ men, or so I have been told) I have never experienced that myself and STILL consider it to be a myth touted by a savvy Hollywood director looking for a wider female audience but I am assured by men I have loved and respected that it happens every day.

    Seeing how lovely your daughter is, I can understand ‘why’ and ‘how’ that can be true.

    Be well,

  2. Uncanny, I was thinking along these lines last night; about the way I can’t hide anything from my daughter.
    Yours is a very beautiful little girl, there’s an old soul behind those eyes.

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