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time is no Constant

time is no constant

only the workings of gravity
against gears and tension
built up in springs, released

at even intervals and a
counting of heavenly bodies
spinning blindly but

led by an unseen hand
around other larger bodies
and calculated against

a nighttime sky.

time is no constant

only a whim and a mode
and a modulating pendulum
and a concept to measure

how long it is we remain
on this Earth. it isn’t nearly as
constant as the measuring

cup. the cup itself never
changes – it never grows, it never
shrinks – all that matters

is how much flour is poured
in. time is controlled by
the wearer of the watch,

not the innards of metal and
brass. not the diodes and
micro-processors. not the

spinning of the seasons.
even our own clocks drag
in cold winter evenings.

even our most accurate
timepiece is altered
and corrected yearly by men

in white coats buried deep
within a hidden mountain.

no, time is no constant.

it shifts and speeds and slows
and evaporates and stops
entirely and bends to our

every whim – but never when
or how we want. our greatest
moments of joy pass in an

instant and our darkest hours
of despair drag on like
centuries. our lives endure

for multiple lifetimes, yet
at their end, they are measured
by the blink of an eye.

time is no constant.

time is no measuring cup.
i am the cup, and time
is my flour.

what, then, shall i bake?


3 thoughts on “time is no Constant

  1. Neal Cowan says:

    My goodness. The best you have written. What happened yesterday is over. Nothing you can do about it. What happens tomorrow. Only God knows. Live today cause that’s all we got.

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