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a summer Bubble

i live in a summer bubble
encased in rubbery translucent
skin. i stare out into the world

through this distorted lens.
faces and tree lines and flying hawks
blur and smear amid a collage of

country succotash and
blackberry cobblers, picked just
yesterday. hopefully this bubble

will do its best to keep those
of lesser tastes at a distance,
and give me the chance to

succumb to the fleshly wishes
of summertime delights. its
these base desires that drive two

of the four seasons. just
for 90 days of the year, i would
strive to regress into myself

a bit further, a bit deeper and see
what fruits bear forth from this
quickly withering fig tree. at one

moment blessed, then cursed by the
likes of Him, left to wither and die,
not yet ready to produce its sweetest

gems when He came calling. still
these roots run deep into the red
dirt soil. far below the sweltering

asphalt, and bare foot skipping across
the road towards a patch of cool and
shaded green grass. an oasis for

barefoot bubbles. i’ll stay in here until
the Autumn winds push summer and
all her gaudy gowns westward,

and hope that nothing falls inside the
safety therein. only the likes of you
might wander too close and pop

it. i will blame you, of course; we all
know that no bubble has ever popped
from the inside out. Ever.


2 thoughts on “a summer Bubble

  1. I briefly leaved near the south …summer was not my favorite time of the year there…being inside seemed to me to be the most reasonable course of action….thanks for the post.

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