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they Say. i Know. (A Country Road Condition)

they say that life is

a highway.

not mine.

life is an old dirt road.

fraught with potholes and

bridges only wide enough

for one car at a time.

and red dirt dust clouds.

and ruts and ravines and

green cloaked canopies.

“keep it between the ditches”

is the only advice you get.

but beyond the hazards of

travelling by dirt road, despite

the chips in the paint and

blind, winding curves.

around each twist

lies another

beautiful stretch of

Appalachia Green and

down home good times

and a familiar one-finger wave

from your fellow sojourners.

many a scruple were

compromised on

these grimy byways.

alas, scruples be damned.


7 thoughts on “they Say. i Know. (A Country Road Condition)

  1. …we are often fooled by the look or direction of a road…thou i do like this neighborhood…cannot help but to ask is it like the tune… where everybody knows yr name?

  2. soulintention: signed .............bkm says:

    I can feel the dust, while enjoying the view of the mountain sides….bkm

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