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Simple Things That Waylon And Willie Tried To Teach Me

i strive against forces that i cannot see.

a tug of war between me and me and sometimes

you, but mostly me.  on cloudy days

i’ve been known to simply drop the rope

and watch the otherside fall

like dominoes all neatly lined little ducks in a row.

The singer ain’t singing and the drummer’s been draggin’ too long

i’d like to believe you, Willie, that the answer

is that simple.  just drop the little weight on

this metronome down a few clicks and simply

speed things up.  your dusty old hat and well worn

boots incline me to believe you outright.  trust.

who do you trust Willie?  Waylon?  when the lights

all dim and you finally make it to that room all

alone, who do you trust?  what’s left when the

song’s finally over?

a sly little smile stretches across that worn face.

i expect something profound.  something different.

something unexpected.  instead it’s the same old line,

the same old lesson.  no matter how many times i

listen, it never changes.  like the click clack of this

steady driving metronome.  a relentless pursuit

of the steady, always sure, always solid, beat.

Time will take care of itself so just leave time alone
And pick up the tempo just a little and take it on home

Take it on home.

Take it on home.

This, from a man, who’s home is a bus.  Easy for you to say,

Willie.  Easy for you to say.


5 thoughts on “Simple Things That Waylon And Willie Tried To Teach Me

  1. Kristen says:

    This has become one of my favorite poems. Wonderful points, beautiful Rhythm, and just overall pretty awesome. Thank you!

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