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**a Redbull induced poem**

In great stormy clouds they came

with squishy green feet and black eyes.

Little big heads bobbing like dandelions

as the procession continued to the

center of our small town.

The Head head appeared from the middle

and took his place behind the microphone.

He waved his hands about and made demands

and threats that all must submit

to his 3 feet 8 inch stature.

People gathered and C-Span spread

his message throughout the land.

TV tubes and grainy YouTube videos

flooded the airwaves as Mr. Head Head

spouted and spat and quivered and shook

and laid out their entire agenda.

When he finished, the other heads all

bobbed in agreement and you could hear the

wet splat of hundreds of squishy green feet

on the cool black asphalt.  Hundreds of black

eyes darted around waiting for our own applause.

But it never came.  Mr Head Head’s words were lost

in translation.  Would we rebut?  Rebut what?

No one understood a single damned word.  We

all just stared back them, like big, dumb cows.

Like cows chewing cud in a green field, staring at

the spaces where cars had stopped and honked hours earlier.

Big bobbing heads bowed, exasperated hands

hung heavily as squishy green feet plodded back

through the alleys to their ship, parked in an empty

baseball field.  The door closed, the smoke plumes rose

and the flashy craft lurched upwards.  One small child,

amused by the ordeal, began crying as his bright blue

balloon soared upwards after the ship.  As if it might somehow

escape this life.  As if it somehow understood.  But it didn’t.

That would be nonsense.  Helium is simply lighter than air.


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