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early morning robber

you sleep

lose locks of chestnut

hair sleep too, in

rivers against your pillow

you stir

the soft music of your

moans fills the room

like wisteria

your skin is warm

sunlight through green leaves

on my arm.  soothing.

you breathe

a soft wind meandering

through pale skinned trees

birch leaves fluttering

your lips

moist and full,  moss

clinging desperately to hard stone

yearning to be touched

so in quiet ease, i oblige them.

an early morning robber

among Earth’s finest.


8 thoughts on “early morning robber

  1. This was just gorgeous – really sultry, subtle – like being on a shady porch in midsummer heat and letting a spoonful of praline vanilla ice cream melt enough to feel the hard caramel bits dissolve at the back of your throat…


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