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i feel Stings and Songs too

Blurry night breezes

Blurry moon haze

No man is an island.

Mitch said, “What if Bigfoot is

Blurry, and that’s the problem?”

A big, blurry monster

Running in the night

Striving in the day

Handfuls of honey

Hours of isolation

Stings and songs

Heard only by

Leaves and grass

And creeping things

Wouldn’t he eventually

Just come out

From behind those


I’ve heard that

Loneliness will drive

Us to anything

Drive us off

Of bridges and

Into large embankments

And out of

Our families and

Into the arms

of another.

Loneliness, would too,

Drive the lonely

Singer from his

Dale into the

Nearest home with

A warm Apple Pie

Cooling on the

Window sill.


2 thoughts on “i feel Stings and Songs too

  1. I love the idea of Bigfoot as a singer lacking focus, who refuses to come in from the cold. It’s irreverent and thoughtful; I think a lot of creative people have felt this way, apart but wishing not to be.

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