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endangered Species

bone and blood and stars and mud

from the belly of Earth I crawled

and felt gill melt into lung

and webs dissolved into digits

and all of my days of swimming were done.

if my skin, weren’t so gray

and photosynthesis were my food

and I had it in me, to do some good

I would plant myself here by

this cousin Tree and let my

roots feel something hidden

something deep, like slipping

an eager hand

under someone’s waistband in

the empty moonlight

fumbling for meaning

and stumbling to discover

what it is in this mystery

that makes me breathe

makes me feel

makes me peel away your cotton Summer skin

and press my scaleless body against yours.

Once we swam and slithered

now we only grope in dark corners

very certain that we will not

survive for long, like this.


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