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It Doesn’t All Need To Be Profound

shall i write simply for the sake of writing

or shall i drag this dull blade across my

paper skin and wait for the blood to ink

its way into the lines between the lines?

would you rather i coin a phrase for these

homeless vagabond words or shall I

lower my hands to their parched lips

and let flow the cooling waters of rhyme?

i think it best to simply stand up, today

in this meat bag and ask mind to ask nerve

to ask muscle to ask bone to ask skin

to simply touch something and just see what happens.

it doesn’t all need to be profound

a tree falling alone, does indeed, make a sound.


3 thoughts on “It Doesn’t All Need To Be Profound

  1. This is very good! and you’re right, it doesn’t have to be profound. Indeed poetry doesn’t have to be full of angst. I love the tree picture – very appropriate to the point that you make.
    kind regards
    Lynda from ‘echostains’ and also ‘bookstains’

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