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I, and the Ocean

i love the ocean.

the vastness.

the ability to overpower and overshadow.

the ability to lull us to sleep with

its gentle white noise.

the ability to destroy.

i love the depth.

the sand.

the way it grabs your ankles and

pulls at you with each receding wave.

i love the way its liquid tentacles

embrace and draw you in deep.

i love the way the sirens sing us to sleep.

urging us to plunge into a watery bed

and sink down into true darkness.

i love the ocean and want to

stroll along her recesses.

i know that i’d have a chance to

bump into God down there.

He, too, loves the ocean.

He told Job late one night around a

campfire that He likes to walk around

on the bottom of the ocean.

where else can God go to be alone?

i think this is why His most creative

creatures are deep below the surface.

He spends His time down there.

in the depths.

in the quiet, dark depths.

they say that we all lived there once.

a thousand, or a million or a billion years ago.

in her warm belly we were birthed.

i can’t believe that we would have ever left.

i can’t see why we would have surrendered

fins for feet and scales for skin and

separation for breath.

on land we are disconnected,

simply breathing an invisible source.

in the ocean, we are in the ocean.

we breathe the ocean.

we eat the ocean.

we are the ocean.

only some primal drive to separate

would have inspired us to venture up.

through the salty sky, and plow away

on land that receives only our toil

and our dead.

they say that if we sank Mt. Everest

into the deepest part of the ocean,

that there would be one mile of

water above its summit.

one whole mile of water sky swishing and

soaring over the biggest thing land has to offer.

the biggest thing that Earth could throw

at the ocean, would simply sink,


until it was covered over completely

by the swooning waves.

i love the ocean.




the only influence, the moon.

as she wanes and waxes, those

mighty waters are pushed and pulled.

somewhere she holds the reigns.

somehow only stars can guide.

tides swell and release at the

thought of her gaze.

i love the ocean.



a pitiless grave to thousands of souls.

each one sleeping

under sandy blankets.

waiting for the sound of some celestial trumpet

before they awake and rise,

like sea angels,

to the surface sky.

a bittersweet homecoming

as they trudge ashore.

i love the ocean.

but she loves me more.


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