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Ego Igloo

Ego Igloo

“you rat bastard!”

a fit species. for grooming and
shaving little bits of curious
dander. floating. like snow
flakes in bristle winds
“Sugar pie..don’t be coy”
That licorice smile
slides across her
ample face with
salt and rye
in edges

“I hate you”

a little croaking song. it flies
over my shadow. sent on the way
the highway. segmented slate
and a driving wind push on
past her cherry-balm and
dripping lips. frozen
together in a bitter
snarl. a pecking
order to strain
the weedless
ones who

“You can’t go in there”

These senseless bats are skimming
the waters edge. unkempt pyros all
live the simple life. and in the
pyramid of smokers smoke each icy
brick closes in around my shallow

“The ice is here”
“The snow drifts are coming.”

“I’ve my shelter. You?”


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